Undermountain Trail

The northeastern state of Connecticut is a gorgeous area with a rich history, diverse population, and amazing sites. One site that may not come to mind, but should after reading, is the Undermountain Trail. While many hikers may have heard of hikes going for thousands of miles, Undermountain Trail is a pleasant, 6.3 mile trail with helpful markers along the way. Many hikers believe it is one of the best trails in Connecticut because while it may be short, it can be difficult to move through due to much uphill trekking. What is nice is it’s adjacent to the Appalachian Trail, located between Georgia and Maine’s mountain ranges.

     Another cool thing about Undermountain is that dogs are allowed to come with on this adventurous pathway. Both the hiker and his four-legged companion can enjoy the scenic view Undermountain offers. The popular point that many hikers begin is in the town of Salisbury, Connecticut. Many of the hikers are the “real deal” (experts) and take what they do very seriously. Those who aren’t familiar with this state have a chance to have a real adventure seeing all the waterfalls and mountain peaks. There is never a dull moment exploring this awesome trail.

     Various peaks are dispersed all over this area. Connecticut’s tallest peak, Bear Mountain, is 2,316 feet. Mt. Frissell, which is located closer to Massachusetts, has an elevation of 2,380 feet. While great in beauty, they can be challenging to climb. It’s a great way to get some exercise!

     Be prepared before taking on this trail. Pack plenty of water and snacks to keep hydrated, full, and energized. A change of clothes can be good for layering and keeping warm. It’s best to travel early, and not late in the afternoon. This decreases the chance of getting stranded and helps a person get to point A to point B and back quicker and safer. Along the way towards the end, a hiker will definitely be rewarded by nature’s gifts. Many waterfalls and unbelievable overviews are a treat for many who travel on Undermountain Trail. It is a short, but exciting hiking trail to look forward to.