Pacific Coast Trail

Pacific Coast Trail is one of the top hiking trails on North American soil. This 2,650-mile trail attracts trekkers from around the globe. This lengthy journey begins at Eldorado National Forest in the eastern part of California. Groups began hiking this beauty in the 1930s until it was made into a secure trail between borders. As one travels through this detailed area, the hiker will visit a trio of states (California, Oregon, and Washington) and seven national parks. There will be well over 1,000 lakes to view and two dozen national parks to check out.

     Major mountain passes such as the Sonora Pass, Carson Pass, and Lolo Pass are hard to miss while marching through the trail. Lolo Pass, situated northwest of Mountain Hood in Oregon, is 3,415 feet. Sonora Pass in the Sierra Nevada and is 9,624 feet in elevation. The Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) intersects Highway 108 there. Carson Pass, located on the crest of Sierra Nevada, has an elevation of 8,574 feet. Many highways near these passes as well as others are closed in the PCT due to snowfall and other climate-related reasons.

     The trail, while it is alluring, has its treacherous moments. Injuries while trekking PCT are very common. Nature doesn’t follow human rules; humans follow nature’s rules. Sadly the number of those unable to complete isn’t low. The long-distance thru hike is finished by half of those traveling it. Countless individuals will make new friends and share memories while traveling this behemoth.

     For overnight travel, permits are needed. PCTA issues permits for those traveling more than 500 miles. More information can be found on The PCT is very well marked at road crossings and trail junctions. Some markers are destroyed, so a map is still necessary. Maps can be found on the website as well as the Pacific Crest Trail store.

     The Pacific Coast Trail with its wonderful wildlife is an amazing experience for anyone looking to travel between Mexico and Canada. The look of all the exciting visuals and hearing nature make its sounds is exhilarating. A trip to Pacific Coast Trail is a wonderful trip indeed.