John Muir Trail

Hiking from area to area is a challenging, but a fun experience to undertake. One great American hiking trail to consider tackling is the John Muir Trail. The John Muir Trail was built ten years after the death of famed natural expert and father of the conservation organization The Sierra Club, John Muir. The project took 23 years to complete this 211-mile pathway. The trail begins in Yosemite Valley and ends at Mt. Whitney, located in California. This enchanting trail has one of the mildest and brightest climates of any mountain range on the globe. It is a great place to enjoy the mountainous terrain.

     Pinnacles as high as 14,000 feet are scattered around this lively place. The trail comes in contact of seven mountain passes. Hundreds of cliffs, lakes, and canyons are hard to avoid. Gorgeous parks are there such as Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Ansel Adams Wilderness, and Sequoia National Parks. These unforgettable, eye-catching green areas will leave a big impression on one’s mind. Whether you hike northward or southward, it will be hard to not enjoy the scenery of John Muir Trail.

     The trail is usually available for access around July. There is no set start time every year, but it is determined by the wintertime snowfall. Conditions are taken into consideration for the specific season. Before, there have been people hiking John Muir Trail when there was still snow touching the surface. If you are used to hiking in the summertime and have no experience in any other season, then this may not be suitable. October is the month when snow usually comes. Cold nights, snowfall, and closed supply areas make October not the best time to go on this expedition.

   A wilderness permit is mandatory in order to travel John Muir Trail. This helps tame large crowds in an environment that is a tad tenuous to be in. Depends on which part of the trail hikers are located, a fire may be made. The parks at this trail have different rules about fires, plus, it is also based on elevation. It’s recommended to not have fires.

     Information on this trail of magnificence can be found on There are recommended Yahoo and Facebook groups to check out. If from a different country, the website recommends learning about American hiking and staying well-equipped for travel.