Breakneck Ridge Trail

An amazing trail to take a look at is the Breakneck Ridge Trail located in New York’s Hudson Highlands State Park. The 2.8 mile loop-style trail with its elevation of 1,500 feet is a great trip in the outdoor experience. It is open from spring to fall and its strenuous hiking level is what attracts many hikers. Many attractions catch the eyes of said hikers with a multitude of sites such as the Hudson River, Shawangunk, and mountains known as Catskill Mountains. Plenty of beautiful, bright spring and summer time wildflowers are found in these areas. A diverse forest can be found with wildlife all over.

     When dealing with the large, jagged rocks at Breakneck Ridge Trail, it is important to be very careful. Be prepared by wearing boots to protect both feet and ankles. It can be very windy and rainfall may make the trail uneasy. It is a very popular trail because hikers–both novice and experience–will want a short, but tricky challenge on this trail. Whatever snacks and water assumed to be needed, it should be doubled in amount than what initially expected. The trail time may be longer than originally thought it would take. A change of clothes is also recommended because of the unpredictable weather and insects along the way.

     Steep climbs through pine trees and one will be able to look to the right of the trail. The Sugarloaf Mountain is in the distance with its bridge, Newburgh-Beacon. The path leads through wooded areas and makes a sharp left in the view of Sugarloaf Mountain again. The trail ends at Route 9D. As one of the toughest hikes in the New York area, it is surely one to check off on a list of American trails.

     Hikers are allowed to bring their dogs along for the fun, but they must be kept on a leash. It is suggested to take the Wilkinson Trail to the tip top of the red trail. Afterwards, take the White Breakneck Trail since it could be a bit steep going back down. Learn more about the experience with videos, pictures, maps, and descriptions on