Appalachian Trail

One of the best American trails to trek is the Appalachian Trail. Also known as the “A.T.”, this trail is located in the eastern part of the United States between Georgia’s Springer Mountain and Maine’s Mount Katahdin. Its length is one of the longest in the world: a hefty total of 2,180 miles. It is so long that it carves through fourteen states along plentiful valleys and summits. Along this magnificent trail, there are 250, three-sided structures to stay at. Most of the trail lives in the beautiful abode of Virginia. 550 miles of the trail to be exact is in the state nicknamed Old Dominion. The least number, which is 4 miles, is in West Virginia.

     This longest U.S. trail has many painted markers along the way. A grand number of 6,000 volunteers contribute over 200,000 hours for the A.T. They keep it maintained with 165,000 painted markers called “blazes” along this considerably massive path. An estimated two to three million hikers walk this course each year. Many try to reach the end by “thru-hiking”, from one end to the next. It usually takes 6 months, from spring to fall, to accomplish this daunting task. Many people come here for the wonderful scenery, wildlife, and meet new people along the way. You will definitely see various animals such as black bears, snakes, moose, and salamanders. Plants you will encounter include flame azalea and jack-in-the-pulpit, a cluster of flowers. It is very impressive to see the diverse creatures and plants in this area. It is home to innumerable groups.

     Planning is essential for hiking, and it would be wrong to not do so for the Appalachian Trail. It is recommended to pack food of high calories so one would have enough energy to attempt to make it from point A to point B safely. The Appalachian Trail website recommends popular treats such as Snickers and noodles. It is chock full of pictures and tips to follow. Various pieces of information and a list of other organizations can be found on the website,