Hiking Trails USA is a website devoted to discussing the many different trails throughout the USA from the eyes of Jeffrey Volosin.  Jeffrey has been traveling around the USA for over 30 years hiking the many trails our beautiful country has to offer.  At the age of 44, Jeffrey feels he is just now beginning to explore and appreciate all the many trails he has hiked.  Along with hiking he also enjoys whitewater rafting, rock climbing and fishing.  Some of our upcoming blogs will discuss other trails in the US Jeffrey has hiked or is planning on hiking in the coming years.

Hiking is a great way to exercise, but it is also an exciting way to explore our country’s beautiful terrain.  Lots of people around the world are big outdoor adventurers who love to hike and spend time in the woods, hills and mountains.  Hiking Trails USA hopes to be a valuable resource for people around the world who are looking to embark on the many trails in the US.  Whether you are planning a vacation, a weekend getaway or some exercise in your local area, our hope is to provide you with the details you need to make the best decision on which trail you will want to hike.  A lot of people have made plans to hike as many trails as they can while they have the time and their legs are able to make the treks.  If you fall into this category, please bookmark our website and stay tuned for more great content and blogs to come from Jeffrey Volosin as he continues to hike the trails of the USA.