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Who I Am

My name is Jeffrey Volosin and I have been traveling around the US for over 30 years hiking different trails.  The purpose of my website will be to share with you my thoughts on the best hiking trails in the USA.  I love the outdoors. Every since I was a little boy I loved the outdoors.  Boy scouts played a major role in my admiration for the outdoors.  While I love hiking the most, I also enjoy many different outdoor activities.  I especially love whitewater rafting, rock climbing and fishing.  These are some other topics you might find me discussing here at

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What I Do

I spend my days researching the different trails in the USA.  You can find a lot of different trails at one location which makes it very easy to experience different trails in a day or two.  So, I will get on the internet and read different articles about trails throughout the USA and then plan time to go visit them.  When I get to a trail, I like to make a day out of it by setting up a little camp if the park or location allows me too.  After a good breakfast I will set off on my trail while taking pictures of the great scenery.  After I am done with the trail I will relax by writing a little blog or opinion of the trail I just hiked.  I will often meet locals who hike the trail often and every now and then I meet some one like myself who also enjoys hiking the many beautiful and challenging trails in the US.

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